All our stainless steel and glass products are suitable for interior as well as for exterior projects.

Design, Fabrication and Handling

Poor design and fabrication can lead to tea staining or more serious corrosion of stainless steels. In the design stage, it is advised to avoid crevices such as intermittent welds and areas where water can collect. During the fabrication process, it is advised to avoid carbon steel contamination.
Errors in stainless steel fabrication can be expensive and difficult to resolve.

Therefore, a ‘get it right the first time’ is SSGN’s approach to all our projects in order to gain the best results.

Finish – A Design Element

There are several good reasons for paying close attention to the finish designation. In architecture or other highly visible applications, the appearance of stainless steel is a critical design element and a misunderstanding or the wrong finish can alter the desired effect. In consumer products such as hand railings the gleam of well polished stainless steel has a strong appeal.

In addition to the visual appeal of polished stainless steel, there are a number of functionally important purposes served by properly prepared stainless steel surfaces. In all our products, polished stainless steel not only looks clean, it is easy to clean and keep clean.

A smooth surface is less susceptible to an accumulation of deposits that may become focal points for localised corrosion. Therefore, in exterior projects the best corrosion resistance surface is acquired by the smoothest of surfaces.